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Trinidad & Tobago

Geografi ; natur og klima ; demografi ; historie ; krige ; kultur ; film ; musik ; politik ; politiske partier ; forsvar ; fredsbevægelser ; religion ; sociale forhold ; uddannelse ; økonomi og våbenhandel.
Geography, nature and climate, demographics, history, wars, culture, film, music, politics, defense, peace movements, religion, social issues, education, economy and arms trade.
Géographie, la nature, la démographie, histoire, la culture, la politique, la défense, les mouvements pacifistes, la religion, les questions sociales, l'éducation, économie.
Geografía, naturaleza, demografía, historia, cultura, política, defensa, movimientos por la paz, la religión, las cuestiones sociales, la educación, la economía.
Geographie, Natur, Demographie, Geschichte, Kultur, Politik, Verteidigung, Friedensbewegungen, Religion, Soziales, Bildung, Wirtschaft.
Geografi: Trinidad & Tobago er en tropisk sydamerikansk østat og republik i Det caribiske hav, nordøst for Venezuela og syd for Grenada.
Geography: Trinidad & Tobago is an South American island nation and republic in the Caribbean Sea, northeast of Venezuela and south of Grenada.
Trinidad and Tobago/Barbados.
The Permanent Court of Arbitration acted as registry in an arbitration between Barbados and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, relating to the delimitation of the Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf between them, submitted under Part XV of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) to an arbitral tribunal constituted in accordance with UNCLOS Annex VII.
1. The International Maritime Boundary between Barbados and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a series of geodetic lines joining the points in the order listed as set forth in paragraph 382 of this Award;
2. Claims of the Parties inconsistent with this Boundary are not accepted; and
3. Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados are under a duty to agree upon the measures necessary to co-ordinate and ensure the conservation and development of flyingfish stocks, and to negotiate in good faith and conclude an agreement that will accord fisherfolk of Barbados access to fisheries within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Trinidad and Tobago, subject to the limitations and conditions of that agreement and to the right and duty of Trinidad and Tobago to conserve and manage the living resources of waters within its jurisdiction The text of the Award as well as other documents related to the arbitration have been posted on the website of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (
Géographie: Amérique du Sud et de la République nation insulaire dans la mer des Caraïbes, au nord-est du Venezuela et au sud de Grenade.
Geografía: América del Sur nación de la isla y de la república en el Mar Caribe, al noreste de Venezuela y al sur de Granada.
Geographie: South American Inselstaat und Republik in der Karibik, nordöstlich von Venezuela und südlich von Grenada.
Geografihistoriske primærkilder / Geography historical primary sources / Géographie historique sources principales / Geografía principales fuentes históricas / Geographie Historische Primär-quellen:
Blome, Richard: The present state of His Majesties isles and territories in America : viz, Jamaica, Barbadoes, S. Christophers, Mevis, Antego, S. Vincent, Dominica, New Jersey, Pensilvanie, Monserat, Anguilla, Bermudas, Carolina, Virginia, New-England, Tobago, New-Found-Land, Mary-Land, New-York : with new maps of every place, together with astronomical tables ... and how to make sun-dials fitting for all those places (1687).
Trinidad & Tobagos historie: Oldtiden / Antiquity. Før Columbus. Helleristninger / petroglyph.
Trinidad har været koloniseret af Storbritannien og Tobago har været koloniseret af Spanien, Holland, Frankrig og Storbritannien.
The British Leeward Islands was a British colony existing between 1833 and 1960, and consisting of Antigua, Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands, Montserrat, Saint Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla, and (to 1940) Dominica. The colony became known as the Federal Colony of the Leeward Islands from 1871 to 1956 and was absorbed into the West Indies Federation 1958-1962.
Trinidad & Tobagos kultur:
Massemedier og pressefrihed / Mass media and freedom of the press:
Biblioteksvæsen / Libraries. Bogvæsen / Books:
Aviser / Newspapers / journaux / Prensa / Tageszeitungen
The Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library (CNDL) is a cooperative digital library for newspapers resources from the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean. CNDL provides access to digitized versions of Caribbean newspapers, gazettes, and other research materials on newsprint currently held in archives, libraries, and private collections. CNDL will have on-going newspaper digitization, expanding the geographic, temporal, political and linguistic variety of the newspapers. -
Tidsskrifter, periodica / Journals, periodicals / Revues spécialisées, périodiques / Revistas, publicaciones periódicas / Zeitschriften, Periodika
Kunst / Art
Film / Movies / cinéma / Cine / Filme:
Undervisning i film:
International organisering
Trinidad & Tobago var medlem af Den vestindiske føderation 1958-1962 og er medlem af Alliancen af Små Østater, Det Caribiske Fællesskab (CARICOM) / The Caribbean Community, FN, Forum for gaseksporterende lande / Gas Exporting Countries Forum, OAS, Riotraktaten.
Forsvar / militær:
Paramilitære styrker:
Fredsbevægelser: / Peace movements / les mouvements pacifistes / movimientos por la paz / Friedensbewegungen
Sociale bevægelser, herunder miljøorganisationer:
Religion: , herunder hinduisme og Islam.
Sociale forhold:
University of the West Indies, Institute of International Relations
Økonomi: Den Internationale Bank for Genopbygning og Udvikling, Verdensbanken /
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development: Country at a Glance, 2011.
BNP, landbrug, fiskeri, Industri.
Naturressourcer: Olie og naturgas.
CRS: Europe’s Energy Security: Options and Challenges to Natural Gas Supply Diversification. / Michael Ratner et al. 2012. - 32 s.
Erhverv, handel og industri:
Trinidad & Tobagos våbenfabrikker, våbenhandel og våbentransporter: / Weapon Factories, arms trade and -transport / Les fabriques d'armes, le commerce des armes et de transport / Las fábricas de armas, tráfico de armas y -transporte / Waffenfabriken, Waffenhandel und Verkehr:
Import af våben fra Canada, Frankrig, Spanien og USA.
CARICOM and the Arms Trade Treaty: Toward an effective convention. / : Kenneth Epps. Project Ploughshares. 2012. - 59 s.

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