Geografi ; natur ; demografi ; historie ; kultur ; politik ; forsvar ; religion ; sociale forhold ; uddannelse ; økonomi.
Geography; nature; demographics; history, culture, politics, defense, peace movements, religion, social issues, education, economy.
Géographie, la nature, la démographie, histoire, la culture, la politique, la défense, les mouvements pacifistes, la religion, les questions sociales, l'éducation, économie.
Geografía, naturaleza, demografía, historia, cultura, política, defensa, movimientos por la paz, la religión, las cuestiones sociales, la educación, la economía.
Geographie, Natur, Demographie, Geschichte, Kultur, Politik, Verteidigung, Friedensbewegungen, Religion, Soziales, Bildung, Wirtschaft.
Geografi: Sydamerikansk  republik med grænser til Brasilien, Suriam og Venezuela og med kystlinje til Atlanterhavet.
Guyana v. Suriname: On February 24, 2004, Guyana gave written notification and a statement of claim to Suriname submitting a dispute concerning the delimitation of its maritime boundary with Suriname to an arbitral tribunal to be constituted under Annex VII of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).
Arbitration under annex VII of the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea republic of Guyana v. republic of Suriname reply of the republic of Guyana volume i 1 april 2006. - 169 s.
Natur: Beebe, William: Jungle Peace (1918).
Demografi: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank: Migration and Remittances Factbook 2011.
The origin of the Guyanian Indians ascertained; or, The aborigines of America, (especially of the Guyanas,) and the East Indian coolie immigrants compared: being articles published in "The Colonist" newspaper, with an additional section of the Hindu coolies (1881).
Historie: Før Columbus, - Messoamerika. Williamson, James Alexander: English colonies in Guiana and on the Amazon, 1604-1668. - Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1923.
Stedman, John Gabriel: Narrative of a five years' expedition, against the revolted negroes of Surinam, in Guiana, on the wild coast of South America; from the year 1772, to 1777: elucidating the history of that country, and describing its productions ... with an account of the Indians of Guiana, & negroes of Guinea I-II. - London, J. Johnson, & T. Payne (1806). - 540 + 522 s.
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Aviser / Newspapers / journaux / Prensa / Tageszeitungen
Tidsskrifter, periodica / Journals, periodicals / Revues spécialisées, périodiques / Revistas, publicaciones periódicas / Zeitschriften, Periodika
Kunst / Art
Afropop Worldwide: Diaspora Encounters: The Indo-Caribbean World.
'Competition between communities of Indian and African descent has been a mainstay of politics and culture in the former British colonies of Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana. This rivalry plays out in institutions from the University of the West Indies to the West Indies cricket team, and of course, popular music. At the time of Trinidad's Independence, the Afro-Caribbean political elite of the day sought to enshrine calypso as the country's national music, but new genres have emerged, from the steel-pan jazz and calypso of the 1960s to soca and its successor, chutney-soca, which for the first time in the 1980s fully integrated Indian and African influences in a local popular music. This Hip Deep edition explores all of these styles, and also the music of diaspora communities in the U.S. and the U.K.. Ethnomusicologist Peter Manuel of the City University of New York shares his ground-breaking research on Indo-Caribbean music in all of its geographic and social contexts. His music and insights reveal a fascinating, overlooked story of hybrid Caribbean culture'.
Aktuelle og historiske politiske partier / Current and historical political parties
International organisering
Guyana er medlem af Det Caribiske Fællesskab (CARICOM) / The Caribbean Community, FN, OAS.
Forsvar / militær: SIPRI: Militærudgifter / Military expenditure of Guyana.
Værnepligt: Nej. WRI: Country report and updates: Guyana.
Paramilitære styrker:
Sociale bevægelser, herunder miljøorganisationer:
Sociale forhold:
Økonomi: Den Internationale Bank for Genopbygning og Udvikling, Verdensbanken /
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development: Country at a Glance, 2011.
BNP - FN data, landbrug, fiskeri, industri.
Landbrug: FAO Country Profiles.
Naturresourcer: Guld.
Phillips, Tom: Guldfeber truer Amazonas' folk: Den høje pris på guld har medført omfattende ulovlig minedrift og forøget vold i Sydamerikas regnskovsregioner. I: Information, 10/01/2011.
Erhverv, handel og industri:
Våbenfabrikker, våbenhandel og våbentransporter: Import af små våben fra USA og Østrig.
CARICOM and the Arms Trade Treaty: Toward an effective convention. / : Kenneth Epps. Project Ploughshares. 2012. - 59 s.

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