Græsk: Den halvø som i dag udgør den asiatiske del af Tyrkiet, Anatolien, der ligger mellem Bosporusstrædet, Dardanellererne, Marmarahavet, Middel­havet, Sortehavet og Det ægæiske hav.
Se også: Allianoi, Grækenland ; Milet.


Ramsay, W. M. : The Historical Geography of Asia Minor.
'This classic work was written by the distinguished archaeologist and New Testament scholar W. M. Ramsay (1851-1939). The Historical Geography of Asia Minor (London, 1890; reprinted numerous times) is a thorough treatment in 538 pdf pages. Unfortunately, the book's maps are not present. However, Ramsay's maps are available in another Internet Archive download: Maps of Asia Minor, the Caucasus and Neighbors in Antiquity'.
Brooks, E. W.: The Arabs in Asia Minor (641-750) from Arabic Sources.
'This study, which appeared in the Journal of Hellenic Studies vol. 18 (1898) pp. 182-208, was written by the distinguished historian and Syriac scholar E. W. Brooks'. -
Gardner, Percy: New chapters in Greek history, historical results of recent excavations in Greece and Asia Minor (1892)

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