Operation Buster/Jangle 1951

Serie på seks amerikanske  atmosfæriske og et underjordisk atomvåbenforsøg i Nevada forsøgsområdet i den første del af den kolde krig.
Oplysninger om operationen er stadig skjulte eller maskeret som klassificeret information også selv om at forsøget er beskrevet detaljeret i Nuclear Weapons Testing at the Nevada Test Site, 2011.. Serien afløste Operation Greenhouse og efterfølges af Operation Tumbler-Snapper. Arkiv: National Archives: Records of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, (Record Group 374), 1943-73.
Atomvåbenforsøgene omfattede
/ The nuclear weapons tests included
  1. Able 22. oktober 0.1 kilotons
  2. Baker 28. oktober 3.5 kt
  3. Charlie 30. oktober 14 kt
  4. Dog, 1. november 21 kt
  5. Easy, 5. november 31 kt
  6. Sugar 19. november 1.2 kt
  7. Uncle 29. november , underjordisk 1.2 kt
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/ Contamination, environmental pollution
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U.S. Department of Defense: Exercise Desert Rock (1951).
'In 1951, the Army, working with the Atomic Energy Commission, carried out the Desert Rock Exercises, an experiment to "dispel much of the fear and uncertainty surrounding atomic radiation and the effects of gamma and x-rays." The following is a recorded interview between a sergeant and a training officer prior to a blast:
Question. "How many of your men would volunteer to go up and be in the foxholes?" (one-half mile from ground zero).
Answer. "I guess about half a dozen."
Question. "It's quite a loud noise when that bomb goes off ... would it do them any harm?"
Answer. "No sir, not the noise, no."
Question. "How about the radiation? Do you think there is much danger?"
Answer. "Radiation is the least of their worries that the men are thinking about."
Question. "I think most thought radiation was the greatest danger, didn't they? Where did they learn differently?"
Answer. "They were, prior to our instructions here. We received a very thorough briefing."'
Hacker, Barton C.: Elements of controversy: the Atomic Energy Commission and radiation safety in nuclear weapons testing, 1947-1974. University of California Press, 1994 - 614 pp.
Operation Buster-Jangle 1951. United States Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Tests : Nuclear Test Personnel Review, Prepared by the Defense Nuclear Agency.
Nuclear Weapons Testing at the Nevada Test Site: The First Decade. / John C. Hopkins and Barbara Killian. Defense Threat Reduction Agency, 2011. - 662 s.
- http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a552638.pdf
United States Nuclear Tests, July 1945 through September 1992.
U.S. Department of Energy Nevada Operations Office, DOE/NV--209-REV 15, December 2000.
USAF Lookout Mountain Laboratory, Hollywood, California: Military Participation on BUSTER-JANGLE (1951).
'Operation RANGER was the first continental nuclear test series conducted at the Nevada Proving Ground (now called the Nevada Test Site). With the exception of the Trinity shot in New Mexico, all previous weapons testing was conducted at the Pacific Proving Ground in the Marshall Islands area. From January through February, 1951, five airdrop tests were conducted. Some of the shots were designed to test trigger devices for weapons to be tested in Operation GREENHOUSE scheduled for the Spring: This secret film has been sanitized, with secret portions removed, after the complete version was locked away for decades in top secret vaults, where the unsanitized version remains to this day. The celluloid version of these films are increasingly brittle and very few people have security clearances to view the unedited versions that contain jealously guarded secrets to this day'.
- http://www.archive.org/details/MilitaryParticipationonBUSTERJANGLE1951

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