Ophørte amerikanske politiske partier

Discontinued American political parties

Abandonnées U. S. partis politiques

Aufgegebene U. S. Parteiengesetz

U.S. suspendió los partidos políticos

Se også: USA: Aktuelle politiske partier ; historie ; The Subversive Activities Control Board 1950-1972.


Radical Periodicals in the United States (Reissued 1968-70). - 2 s.
- http://archive.org/details/RadicalPeriodicalsInTheUnitedStatesreissued1968-70
List of 109 periodicals reissued by Greenwood Reprint Company as part of its "Radical Periodicals in the United States" series. "Series One" titles were produced in 1968-69, "Series Two" titles produced in 1970. All volumes seem to have been produced both in hardcopy and microform. All of these are out of print. The original scholarly introductions to each of these facsimile volumes were subsequently collected in the two volumes of Joseph R. Conklin (ed.), "The American Radical Press, 1880-1960." (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1974).
Disarmament and World Peace: Proposed Manifesto and Program of the Socialist Party of America. [December 26, 1914].
Social democracy red book (1900).
- http://www.archive.org/details/SocialDemocracyRedBook

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