Vædske, der kemisk består af to dele brint og een del ilt.
Vand er en af forudsætningerne for liv og alt levende i naturenplaneten jorden.
Vand kan være fersk eller salt, rent eller forurenet, hav, ocean, sø, vandløb eller vådområder.
UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage 2001.
Et vandfald er et sted i et vandløb, hvor vandet styrter lodret eller næsten lodret ned.
Også fordybning i en mark, hvor vandet samler sig.
Et endorheisk bassin, er en indsø, uden naturlige udløb, hvorfra vandet fordamper specielt i subtropiske og tropiske områder.
The World Waterfall Database
'The World Waterfall Database was established to provide a complete, accurate record of the waterfalls throughout the world, largely because such a record had not yet been established. Looking in any freely available Encyclopedia, entries for Waterfall usually yield a short list of well known or well publicized waterfalls but the lists are far from complete and usually rife with inaccuracies due to the data never having been field checked. Most people are unaware of these discrepancies because experts in the field have not readily been able to verify the data on such a wide basis'.
Se også: Akvædukt ; Atomisvinterteorien ; bevaringsafdelingen ; brakvand ; bugt ; bæk ; damp ; Dansk vand- og spillevandsforening ; delta ; ebbe ; erosion ; fisk ; fiskeri ; fjord ; flod ; frost ; gadekær ; gejser ; Global Water Partnership ; grundvand ; grundvandskemi ; havbugt ; hestehuller ; hydrodynamik ; hydrofon ; hydrografi ; hydrologi ; hydrolyse ; hydromekanik ; hydropati ; hydrosfære ; industrifiskeri ; indsø ; Den internationale Hydrografiske Organisation ; The International Dialogues on Underwater Munitions (IDUM's) ; International River Basin Organizations ; International Water Associations ; is ; isbjerg ; ishav ; kartografi ; kanal ; kilde ; klima ; klimaforandringer ; let vand ; marine ; miljø ; mose ; navigation ; naturkatastrofer ; oase ; Oceanien ; oceanografi ; overrisling ; oversvømmelse ; oversvømmelsesdirektivet ; regn ; regntid ; regnvand ; skybrud ; slagregn ; slud ; smeltevand ; sne ; spildevand ; sonar ; Strategic Alliance for Water Management Action ; støvregn ; sump ; søkort ; søværn ; søvæsen ; tsunami eller tsunamibølge ; tidevand ; tungt vand ; tø ; tåge ; understrøm ; undervandsbåd ; Vandbygningsvæsenet ; vandborg ; vandfilm ; vandforsyningsloven ; vandamp ; vandgrav ; vandkanon ; vandknaphed ; vandkunst ; vandløbsloven ; vandmiljø ; vandmølle ; Vandrammedirektivet ; vandskade ; vandveje ; vandværk ; Water Environment Federation ; World Water Assessment Programme ; World Water Council ; å ; åbent hav.


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The Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database, 2002.
The Atlas of International Freshwater Agreements was compiled under the direction of Aaron T. Wolf, Oregon State University, in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. ?The World?s International Freshwater Agreements? was authored by Meredith A. Giordano and Aaron T. Wolf. ?Thematic Maps: Visualizing Spatial Variability and Shared Benefits was authored by Aaron T. Wolf.
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United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Aqueduct Country and River Basin Rankings: A Weighted Aggregation of Spatially Distinct Hydrological Indicators
by Francis Gassert, Paul Reig, Tianyi Luo and Andrew Maddocks - December 2013
'More and more countries around the world face high levels of water stress, but measuring and communicating that stress consistently is challenging. This paper ranks countries and river basins worldwide based on their exposure water-related risks. Specifically, it provides national and basin-level scores derived from more localized water-risk scores from the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas. Rankings are available for 181 countries, the world’s 100-largest river basins by area, and the planet’s 100-most populous river basins for five different measures of water supply and demand.'
Grænseoverskridende grundvandsmagasiner / Atlas of Transboundary Aquifers: Global maps, regional cooperation and local inventories. International Hydrological Programme. Division of Water Sciences. UNESCO 2009.
'The understanding of hydrogeology has ancient beginnings with the construction of qanats, which are slightly inclined tunnels dug into a hillside, to tap the groundwater contained in an aquifer, for use by settled populations in many parts of the Asian continent. The Greek and the Indian civilisations thrived on water drawn from wells, which are a specialised form of qanats in the sense that a well is a vertical shaft dug into an aquifer for the withdrawal of a reliable supply of water. The transition from this form of traditional and indigenous knowledge to quantitative hydrogeology is marked by the work of the French Engineer, Henry Darcy (1803–1858) who determined the mathematical law that governs the movement of groundwater through an aquifer. In less than a decade following Darcy’s statement the ability to predict the volume and rate of production of water from a well was widely understood among the earliest professional hydrogeologists.'
García, N., Cuttelod, A. and Abdul Malak, D. (eds.) (2010). The Status and Distribution of Freshwater Biodiversity in Northern Africa. Gland, Switzerland, Cambridge, UK, and Malaga, Spain : IUCN, 2010. xiii+141pp.
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IWA Water Wiki -
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The blockade of Gaza: Five years on
Gaza's deadly drinking water
Gaza's only fresh water source is now too dangerous to drink and is contaminated with fertiliser and human waste, according to a shocking new report from Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and
Save the Children: Gaza's Children: Falling Behind - The effect of the blockade on child health in Gaza. - 2012. - 32 s.
Impact of socio-economic development and climate change on water resources and water stress / Lucas Menzel et al. Center for Environmental Systems Research (CESR), University of Kassel.
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Orbis Latinus
'Orbis Latinus Online (OLO) is based on the three-part print publication of Orbus Latinus from 1972.'
Orbis latinus; oder, Verzeichniss der lateinischen benennungen der bekanntesten städte etc., Meere, Seen, Berge und Glüsse in allen Theilen der Erde, nebst einem deutsch-lateinischen Register derselben. Ein Supplement zu jedem lateinischen und geographischen Wörterbuche . / : Johann Georg Theodor Grässe.
- Dresden, G. Schönfeld [etc., etc.], 1861 ; 1909 ; 1972 .
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- Paris : The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 2009. - 429 s., herunder World Water Development Report indicators.

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